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History & Background


Government Dental College, Bangalore was started in the year 1958. To begin with the Dental college was provided with facilities for an office and lectures at the Bangalore Medical College and the clinical facilities were made available at the Outpatient Department of Victoria Hospital. Dr.V.R. Naidu was the principal, of Dental College, Bangalore. Subsequently Dr.S. Ramachandra (Medical officer at Krishnarajendra Hospital Mysore) who was deputed to Tufts University Dental School U.S.A to obtain D.M.D took over as the full time principal of the college.

Due to his untiring and mammoth efforts the College building construction started and when the ground floor was completed in 1962 the clinics and lecture classes started in this new building. In the year 1964 Dr. Sushila Nayar, Union Health Minister inaugurated the College.

In 1958 ten students were admitted to the first batch with only one full time Professor Cum Principal and few part time teachers constituted Dental College Staff, while Medical College Staff taught the preclinical and clinical medical subjects.

In 1963 the first batch of four new dental graduates emerged who were inducted in to teaching in the college and by then the college had reasonable strength of staff possessing medical and dental qualifications.

With continuous effort of Dr.S.Ramachandra and other staff the average number of 100 out patient a day in 1960-61 increased to more than 700 a day.

In the year 1965 the first Postgraduate course in Orthodontia was started followed by Periodontia and Oral Surgery in 1967, Oral medicine, Preventive and Social dentistry in 1973-74 and Conservative dentistry in 1977, which were given the due recognition by the Dental Council of India. Simultaneously Dental Mechanic and Dental Hygienist course were introduced in the college.

In the year 1965, World Health Organisation selected the college under its WHO 0208 project to give assistance with the objective of improving the dental education in India, under this project Dr.A.A. Botero, WHO consultant form Columbia framed a new curriculum and syllabus incorporating subjects which were hitherto not taught but had immense practical implications like Anthropology, bio-statistics, Genetics, Nutrition and Dietetics, Preventive and Social Dentistry etc.

Reputed Dental Consultants of International fame visited this college for period ranging from 3-6 months for guiding the various departments for research and teaching methodology during the year 1966-76. Teachers from this college also were sent abroad specialize to return and help share their experience for overall improvement of the College.

Many countries, such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Kenya and Mauritius sent their students to undergo training at this college.

The college became one of the renowned institutions for the training and gained importance as one of the best institution in South East Asia. Many of the graduates of this college have settled in UK, U.S.A. With outstanding careers. Patients throughout the state continue to visit and receive the best of oral health care services.

Recently in 1990-91 three new postgraduate courses i.e. Prosthetic Dentistry, Oral Pathology and Pedodontics were started, thus completing the list of all the specialties for Postgraduate studies.

With the continued support of the benevolent Government of Karnataka and under the able stewardship of the administrators this college is expected to retain the reputed name and fame in the years to come.

A good number of students who have graduated from this Institution are today occupying prestigious post and positions in profession and administration. Many of the students from this college, have made name in countries abroad, both in profession and various walks of life.